Our Mission

To employ living history interpretation by re-enacting an actual historical
event that occured in August of 1747 between the town of Beaufort
and ships of Spanish Privateers. 

To highlight and accurately portray the rich history of the lifestyles of the
pirates, privateers, seaman, and villagers along the east coast during the 1700's. 

To educate through demonstration, period attire, dialect, cultural arts
and the use of tools, trades and weaponry of the era. 

To highlight our quaint historical seaside communtiy and encourage
tourism for the purpose of sustaining economic growth. 

To share the plunder with a local worthy charitable cause. 

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Seeking Doobloons

Yo, Ho, Heave Ho,
a Pirate's Life For Ye...

Your donation helps us bring talented professional actors and reenactors to Beaufort to portray an historical event. Help us to continue to be one of the best, most fun and entertaining FAMILY FRIENDLY and FREE pirate events on the East Coast. 

Beaufort Pirate Invasion has been a regular to events held in Beaufort for many years. From the early 1950's to now, this event has attracted pirate enthusiast, history buffs, families and children of all ages. Each year on the land side of the event the historical encampment, entertainment grows; as does the excitement surrounding the shenanigans, sea battles, and the rattle of cutlasses in a battle as pirates, militia and towns people fight to save the town. The event is actually scripted after an invasion in 1747.   

We rely on our communities, local businesses, groups and individuals to come aboard with donations that help make this event possible. Whether in-kind donations, monetary contributions, or sponsorships it helps us carry on this long standing historical tradition.

We have created several sponsorship packages, all offering advertising, social media presence and promotional opportunities. We invite you to review our donation and sponsorship options, and consider coming aboard to support the Beaufort Pirate Invasion.